Coastless Announces Its Inaugural Guest: Justin Meyer

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We’re really excited for the launch of our first podcast on August 28, and even more excited to announce our inaugural guest!

Sometimes it feels like all the “travel deals” come from coastal airports — where you don’t have to “connect” to get to where you’re going. But as experienced travelers, we know that’s not necessarily true.

We started COASTLESS with the hope of helping people travel confidently and affordably from the Midwest. With that goal in mind, we’re going to gather fellow Midwesterners to talk about how they have traveled affordably from the middle of America, including some of their favorite trips and memorable stories about their adventures.

COASTLESS launches on August 28th — but we’re going to give you a sneak peak about what to expect by announcing our first guest: Justin Meyer from Kansas City International Airport.

Meyer negotiated to get Kansas City its first nonstop transatlantic flight and he’ll give us insight into the long process of landing Icelandair in Kansas City. We’ll also talk to him about the groundbreaking of the new MCI terminal and the amenity he is prepared to go to great lengths to in order to ensure it happens. 

We think you’ll learn a lot from the discussion about how our airport works so make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the launch of COASTLESS on August 28th.

Our graphic is thanks to the fine folks at Mind + Matter.

Our music is Clap Guitar Rock 4 by AudioDragon licensed through Audiojungle.

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