Kiara Watts and daughter Lily exploring KC

Episode 6: A walk through KC with Kiara Watts and her daughter, Lily

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A quick disclaimer from Melissa: I had a user error with one of our microphones this week so I had to crank up the audio on my mic so you could hear Kiara. Apologies to our listeners and to Kiara. I hope you won’t find it too distracting and will be forgiving!

In episode 6 of COASTLESS, Melissa and Boyce discuss the Midwest aversion to walking and some of the things one might miss by not venturing out on foot.

They then welcome Kiara Watts of My City Adventures. Kiara gave up her car several years ago and started blogging about exploring Kansas City by foot. She explores the city with her daughter, Lily (who you will hear in the background). She talks about her favorite neighborhoods in Kansas City, where to see the best views of the skyline, and how a trip to Omaha became one of their favorite family vacations.

Finally, she talks about the mindset she takes as a parent while exploring the city with her young daughter.

You can follow her adventures on Instagram @mycityadventures.

Her website full of travel tips is

Our graphic is thanks to the fine folks at Mind + Matter.

Our music is Clap Guitar Rock 4 by AudioDragon licensed through Audiojungle.

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