Episode 10: Nanapalooza and multigenerational travel with Kathy Sudeikis

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On episode ten of Coastless, we’re talking about multigenerational travel. Specifically, we’re talking about planning trips that include everyone from grandparents to grandkids and other extended family.

Melissa and Boyce talk about some of what they have learned through planning trips for their own families. Boyce discusses why he thinks it is a great idea to book multiple cars. Melissa suggests that it is important to make dinner reservations ahead of time.

They then welcome travel agent Kathy Sudeikis from Acendas Travel. Sudeikis was ranked one of Travel and Leisure’s top travel agents for planning multigenerational trips. Sudeikis is also the mom of Hollywood star Jason Sudeikis.

Sudeikis offers some tips to make the planning process easier as well as some strategies to avoid family disputes. From setting a date for the vacation to what she thinks is the easiest option for large family trips, she talks to us about what she’s learned after years of experience planning multigenerational vacations. She then explains why a travel agent might be a good choice when you’re trying to manage one of these trips.

Sudeikis tells Coastless what it has been like to plan the travel for Big Slick. She also tells us a little about her own annual multigenerational trip called “Nanapalooza.” (Yes, they have t-shirts.)

You can find Sudeikis at Acendas Travel: https://acendasvacations.com/

You can also follow Acendas Travel on Twitter.

Our graphic is thanks to the fine folks at Mind + Matter.

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