Episode 12: The Gay Tripper with Ryan Walker

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This week, Melissa and Boyce are talking about utilizing blogs and Facebook groups to find out information about destinations. They talk about their favorite “influencers” and bloggers.

Next, they welcome Ryan Walker, an influencer/blogger who recently started The Gay Tripper travel blog. Much like Coastless, Ryan writes about travel from a Midwestern perspective, but also from the perspective of a LGBTQ traveler.

He talks about some of the safety issues facing LGBTQ travelers as they travel abroad. He then mentions some of the places that have surprised him in terms of LGBTQ acceptance, as well as why he had a really great experience in an unexpected place in the United States: Springfield, Mo. He says it’s one of the great places to see a drag show.

We discuss how his Midwest upbringing influences his world perspective, as well as how he ended up on a trip to Sweden. We also talk about “straight etiquette” when you visit an LGBTQ centric spot in a city. 

You can follow Ryan on Instagram @thegaytripper or follow his travel writing on his website, The Gay Tripper.

Our graphic is thanks to the fine folks at Mind + Matter.

Our music is Clap Guitar Rock 4 by AudioDragon licensed through Audiojungle.

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