This week on the pod, Boyce and Melissa discuss the recent groundbreaking for the new terminal at Kansas City International Airport. Boyce shares his impression of the atmosphere at the groundbreaking ceremony, and both Melissa and Boyce discuss some of their earliest memories of the airport.

They then welcome Michael Raucheisen, the North American Communications Manager for Icelandair. He discusses how Icelandair made its decision to enter the market in Kansas City, as well as some of the tourist highlights of Iceland. On a more serious note, he discusses how the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 has affected Icelandair’s fleet. He also talks about what Kansas City will have to show the airline before it would make its service available year-round.

You can check out Icelandair on their website,, or follow them on social media @icelandair. (Helpful hint: Here are some of the Icelandair hashtags if you’re traveling through Iceland: #icelandair #mystopover #viaiceland)

You can also follow Coastless on Instagram and Twitter @coastlesskc.

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