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COASTLESS is hosted by Midwest natives and world travelers Melissa Yeager and Boyce Richardson. Both Melissa and Boyce have traveled to more than 30 countries, as well as been the beneficiaries of fellowships that have allowed them to live overseas.

In May of 2018, Boyce came to Melissa with an idea. What if there was a podcast especially for Midwesterners who love travel – those who have to “connect” to get where they’re going? What if it could also connect Midwesterners heading out on adventures around the world — to share advice and even, perhaps, meet up along the way?

Their excitement about the idea grew as they spoke to those connected to the travel industry and realized the extent of the gaps in travel information from the Midwest. In August 2018, they launched COASTLESS: A travel podcast for those living a connection-based lifestyle.

About the Hosts

Boyce Richardson

Melissa Yeager
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